First, an update on my dad

Thank you so much for your prayers for my dad. We got word that the surgery went very well. The doctors’ plans right now are for my dad to spend the day and night in ICU before being transferred to the neurological department. Not just that, but my dad was strong enough to send us a selfie and a quick message only eight hours after his surgery!


There is no getting away from the fact that having my visa refused last year really messed me up. Between dealing with being separated from my family and trying to figure out our next steps, I felt completely lost. To a lesser degree, that feeling still persists but we do have hope. As of right now (16 June 2020), we don’t have firm plans. We have a church and town in mind, but it’s still not for sure. Our hope is that we will have an answer by the start of July.

In the mean time, we do know one thing for sure. We are still called to be on mission in the UK. Our continued connection to the church, our family ties, and even the slow journey to confirming the new church are significant factors but they are small compared to one in particular: there is still a significant need for gospel workers in the UK.

Life in lockdown has slowed a lot of things down but has also helped the church’s witness. See, the UK is a truly secular nation. They may have a state church and be home to some of the best Bible teaching available. But one look at the culture will show that the church is not welcome in society. Except

A global pandemic that led to churches closing their physical doors led to them setting up online beacons. This has actually proven to be a great opportunity for the kingdom. While the buildings have been empty, people have been paying attention. I, personally, know of churches that have had their broadcasts viewed by two to three times as many people as they would have on the best Sunday.

Not only that, these numbers are being reported in secular news outlets. Since the lockdown began, a third of adults between the ages of 18 and 34 have viewed a church broadcast and a fifth of those who have viewed have never gone to church. Our hope is to join gospel workers in this harvest; to continue doing outreach and evangelism while discipling new believers and families.

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