The need in culture and the church

I wrote previously that Christianity and a biblical worldview are not welcome in British society. One of the places that has shown this to be true is in the recent change to abortion laws in Northern Ireland.

Until October 2019, abortion was essentially banned in Northern Ireland. Now, it’s legal across the whole of the UK. This is a tragedy beyond words that is made worse by one thing. In the House of Lords, there are 26 Church of England bishops who are eligible to vote as ”Lords Spiritual”. 19 of those bishops abstained from voting.

Now, we know that the only hope in situations like this is the Holy Spirit working to change the hearts of man. It’s only the Holy Spirit at work in us which allows us the ability to see and define good and evil correctly. And the Holy Spirit works through the preaching of the Word. Without gospel workers on the ground, we cannot expect to see gospel change.

Our hope as a family is to join workers in the UK to preach the gospel as well as train up young people. It is to do the work of Deuteronomy 6. To explain that we do all of this because we have been saved.

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