It’s now been a week since my (Dan’s) dad went into hospital for his cranioplasty. We were initially hoping for a swift recovery but there have been a few significant complications. Due to some issues with drainage, the doctors have decided to install a permanent shunt to alleviate this. It’s a quicker surgery but it is still invasive.

As can be expected, this has been really rough for the whole family. The time difference (7 hours) means that there’s a relatively small window of time where we can get information. On top of that is just the worry that comes with being so far away. We know that we are meant to be here and not there right now but it is still a lot to grapple with.

Please join with us in prayer over these things. I was grateful this morning for Paul’s second letter to Corinth. Christopher J. Gordon in Tabletalk Magazine reminds us that:

Yes, Paul received actual grace from the Lord through prayer. In his weakness, the grace of Christ rested on him, and he received strength.

My family is starting off this week already weary but we know that God cares.