Karta Pobytu means Residence Card.

After working on the process for six months (some of it was because of lockdown), we have finally got our residency in Poland sorted out. It’s kind of ironic that this is happening just as we are beginning to pack up and leave. We are, however, grateful that our time here is officially legal. Our stay here would not have been possible were it not for the fact that Tracy and the kids are still kinda-sorta EU nationals.

Dan’s dad

My dad’s surgery went well, he’s actually been messaging us today which is a huge relief. Hopefully, the staff will give him a chance to get some rest now but hospitals are never easy places to sleep. Thank you so much for all of your prayers.

Lockdown lifting in the UK

While churches in the US have already begun to gather again while observing distancing guidelines, the same has not yet happened in the UK. It was announced that, in England at least, churches might be able to open again for prayer and services. It is still unclear exactly what that means but it gives us hope that things will have opened up a bit more by the time we arrive (God-willing) in August.

In the mean time

It’s strawberry season in Poland.

As we get closer to transitioning out of our time in Poland, we are asking those who have supported us so far to prayerfully consider continuing with us for another year. Our heart has always been for ministry in the UK. We hope that you will join with us in our return to doing just that.