Fun Fact Friday – Covenanters

We are preparing to be on mission in the town of Strathaven. One of the coolest things we’ve been learning about the area is that part it played in church history.

Strathaven is surrounded by small towns and villages that were home to Covenanter pastors. These pastors were kicked out of their churches by the government because of their refusal to recognise the king as head of the church.

Despite the threat of death, the pastors would continue to hold meetings called field-coventicles at night, in fields or glens or ravines. During the gatherings, all of the elements of church worship were kept. The Word was preached, baptism and communion were observed. Far from being a quiet event, hundreds and thousands of people would attend.

Today, there are monuments and memorials dotted around the area in fields and forests.

Our hope is that one day, the people of Scotland would again be this devoted to the Lord. Partner with us as we seek to disciple families and young people there.

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