Welcome to Day Three of our weekday prayer guide. So far we’ve prayed for the logistics that come with a transition like this as well as for our families on both sides of the Atlantic. Today, we are praying for provision.

One of the most encouraging things that we’ve experienced as a family is seeing the way that God provides for his mission. When this whole journey first began, back in 2017, we were looking at a number we needed to raise that seemed impossible. And on our own, it was impossible. Even toward the end, we weren’t exactly sure where it was all going to come from until it finally did.

Two years into this journey and we have a much better idea of how God provides and we are also seeing how this next journey is setting the stage for us to be in ministry long term in the UK.

One aspect of that is that Tracy will be going back to work this time. While this does mean that we have less support to raise, the primary reason for it is to allow us to remain in the UK to serve the church long term. Because of the way UK immigration works, the sponsoring citizen has to have an income that meets the financial requirement. We’ve been well ahead of that without Tracy working, but we’ve not been able to count it because it hasn’t been earned in the UK. Pray that Tracy would find a job that both meets the requirement and that she enjoys.

Also, pray that we would be diligent in doing the work of raising the remaining support that will be needed. We’ve been greatly encouraged to see people who are committed to us wherever God has called us (be it the UK or Poland where we are at right now). It has not gone unnoticed as I pray for our ministry partners each day.

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