We have been partnered with AT3 for over two years now. From the beginning, it has been an organisation close to my heart. Why? Because the need in the UK is very close to my heart. Tracy is British. Our kids are British. The desire to see the UK proclaim the glories of our Saviour is personal because it’s about family, for me. I was blessed to have been brought up in a Christian home. The vast majority of people in the UK are no longer able to say that.

America is headed that way as I write this.

While our family’s goal is to devote our lives to serving in the UK, we know that most of the apprentices that go there won’t be doing that. And that is good. America is going to need gospel workers who know how to interact with people who have no religious background at all.

Today, join with us in prayer for our sending organisation, AT3. Pray for the staff team who are working to navigate international ministry in a time when travel is restricted. Pray for the apprentices who are raising the support necessary to move to a different country to be trained for ministry at home in the States. Pray that, as partnerships are formed between British and American churches, the global church would be stronger and better resourced to speak into the secular world with the truth of the gospel.

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