Our flat here in Warsaw is filling with boxes. The shelves are clearing off and the rooms are getting echoey. All the signs that moving day is approaching have made themselves known. Even our toaster has been packed away now. Today, we are praying for one of the most necessary things that we will need while serving in Strathaven.

A home.

Pray with us that the Lord would provide a 3-bedroom house within the town limits. Our conviction for years now has been to live in the area you are trying to reach. Years ago, when we were a part of what is now Christ Church Loughborough, we saw how important it was to be known by the people in your community. That really only happens when you are actually in your community.

As well as a home, pray for our kids as they get ready to go back into school. They’ve been homeschooled since we arrived in Warsaw, and as a former homeschool student, I know how difficult it is to make the mental shift from school at home to school at school. Many families will be dealing with the same struggle, so if you’ve been partnered with us, know that we are praying for your families as you prepare to have kids back in school.