One of the things that has become very clear about reaching Scotland with the gospel is that there simply aren’t enough gospel workers. I’ve written before about the age of the church in Scotland and that is also reflected in its leadership, the average age for a Church Minister there is 57. So if 42% of the church is over the age of 65 and pastors are not far off, there is going to be a crisis in 10-15 years’ time.

What’s encouraging, though, is being able to see the work that is being done in Scotland. Ministries like 20schemes are working hard to plant churches in Scotland’s poorest communities. Cornhill, who I hope to study with, are training up leaders from different backgrounds and preparing them for gospel ministry. And AT3, our own missions partner, has been working to reach Scotland with the gospel with one couple having just completed their apprenticeship and others resuming or continuing theirs in Edinburgh.

There is still much work to be done. For Strathaven alone, a town of 7000 people, another 60-65 churches are needed, if there was an average attendance of a hundred people in each one. For man, this feels like an impossible task but we know that nothing is impossible for our great God. Join with us today in prayer for more workers for Scotland. Pray that God would raise up indigenous workers and also bring in more workers. Pray that Scotland would again become a nation known for proclaiming the gospel.