Yesterday, I shared that Owen will be having an operation this week. For privacy’s sake, we’re not sharing the details of what the operation is but we do ask you specifically to pray for protection for Owen today.

This evening (CET), Tracy will be taking him for a pre-op consultation. We’re not 100% what will be involved in this but we do know that there will be some Covid-19 preparations. Pray that Owen and Tracy would both be protected and safe from possible infection.

Although the operation is an outpatient procedure, Owen will have to be placed under general anaesthetic. Pray for protection for him through this whole ordeal. He is growing fast, but he is still so small. Pray for our hearts, for us to trust in the Lord and not lean on our own understanding. Pray for swift healing for Owen. Pray for us to not lose heart; this week and next are incredibly overwhelming as we are also moving out of our home.