As an update to yesterday, we did find out that Owen’s operation will be happening on Friday morning. Not knowing what was going to be happening with the operation was weighing very heavily on us, but we have received some relief. Because Owen will have to be given general anaesthetic, we were worried about how long Tracy would be allowed to be with him because of the health crisis. The doctor has confirmed that Tracy will be with him when he goes under and will also be with him when he wakes up. After the operation, he will have three hours in recovery and then he’ll be able to come home.

Thank you for praying for us with this. To have this on top of everything else that is currently happening felt a bit like being kicked in the ribs, but God has been gracious and relieved some of our worries.

For today, be praying with us over our finances. Raising support is a hard thing to do at the best of times. Even so, we have seen and continue to see God providing in remarkable ways. Surprise gifts from partner churches and families have been a huge blessing over the last couple of years.

Raising support during a health crisis while already living overseas is proving to be an even harder task. There is a sense in which the stakes feel even higher now. And yet, the very same God who provided for us and brought us overseas in the first place is the God we serve now. Ultimately, we are asking him for provision. So join with us in prayer for this, that the Lord would provide. If you sense that God is calling you to partner with us, let us know! There is no gift too small and we can only do this as God provides through his people.

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