Last week when I said that Owen was doing great, I didn’t really express what “great” looks like. When he and Tracy got home from the hospital, he ran to the bathroom to wash his hands and then proceeded to run around and jump off of everything that he is able to climb onto. Since then, he keeps talking about the man who brought him his lunch at the hospital and last night (Sunday, 26th), he asked if we could go have dinner at the hospital. (Sidenote: Polish hospital food is not like American hospital food.)

We’re so incredibly grateful for everyone’s prayers last week and since we began living the missionary life.

Today, we are asking people to commit to praying for us regularly. Preparing for a new ministry always brings with it the need for financial support but that makes it easy to forget that we desperately need people to be praying for us regularly. Times like last week remind us that we are not fighting a physical battle but a spiritual one. All six of us have had days where we have felt heavily burdened and weighed down as we live this life that God has called us to. Knowing that people are praying for us regularly is a huge encouragement during those times.

The best way to keep in touch and received regular updates and prayer requests is through our newsletter. During the summer it is happening weekly, but the rest of the year it goes out on the first Friday of the month. We would love to share ministry updates and prayer requests to you each month.

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