It’s an unusual thing to be experiencing but here I am in what is basically complete agreement with Humanism UK.

‘Any new legislation on hate speech concerning religion or belief must be restricted to protecting people as followers of a religion or holders of beliefs, and decidedly not act to protect the religion or belief itself. It is from this starting principle that the Scottish Government should consider its reforms.’

Humanists UK’s Director of Public Affairs and Policy Richy Thompson

When we moved to Liverpool two years ago, we knew that we were entering into a post-Christian world. But Scotland is a different thing altogether. Though it is a part of the UK, Scotland has its own parliament that is able to make its own laws. And that parliament is far more progressive than the one that governs the whole of the UK.

A law that’s being put forward right now is essentially removing free speech as something possible. And there are ways in which the law could mean that the simple act of preaching of preaching the Bible is considered a hate crime.

Join with us as we pray about the political climate that we are going to be entering in a few weeks. We know from Scripture that we are not guaranteed an easy path and that we are not to seek to be loved by the world. But still, pray that our abilities to go and preach would not be hindered.