Similar to everywhere else in the world right now, Scotland is having to make the decision about whether students will be returning to schools. At the moment, schools in Strathaven and South Lanarkshire are planning on opening again on the 13th of August. This all depends on the decision made by the Scottish Government tomorrow.

Families with kids are going to be our primary mission over the next two years and so we have a vested interest in their health and safety and how we can care for them. Join with us today in prayer for both the Government’s decision about schools opening and for the parents who have to decide whether to send their kids to school or keep them home. It’s a decision that has detractors and extremists on both sides of the argument. Pray that parents in different situations would act with wisdom. Pray for the teachers who are getting ready for schools to open as well. Pray that they would be kept healthy and secure going into the coming months.