Pray for more workers

One of the things that has become very clear about reaching Scotland with the gospel is that there simply aren’t enough gospel workers. I’ve written before about the age of the church in Scotland and that is also reflected in its leadership, the average age for a Church Minister there is 57. So if 42% of the church is over the age of 65 and pastors are not far off, there is going to be a crisis in 10-15 years’ time.

What’s encouraging, though, is being able to see the work that is being done in Scotland. Ministries like 20schemes are working hard to plant churches in Scotland’s poorest communities. Cornhill, who I hope to study with, are training up leaders from different backgrounds and preparing them for gospel ministry. And AT3, our own missions partner, has been working to reach Scotland with the gospel with one couple having just completed their apprenticeship and others resuming or continuing theirs in Edinburgh.

There is still much work to be done. For Strathaven alone, a town of 7000 people, another 60-65 churches are needed, if there was an average attendance of a hundred people in each one. For man, this feels like an impossible task but we know that nothing is impossible for our great God. Join with us today in prayer for more workers for Scotland. Pray that God would raise up indigenous workers and also bring in more workers. Pray that Scotland would again become a nation known for proclaiming the gospel.

Pray for a home

Our flat here in Warsaw is filling with boxes. The shelves are clearing off and the rooms are getting echoey. All the signs that moving day is approaching have made themselves known. Even our toaster has been packed away now. Today, we are praying for one of the most necessary things that we will need while serving in Strathaven.

A home.

Pray with us that the Lord would provide a 3-bedroom house within the town limits. Our conviction for years now has been to live in the area you are trying to reach. Years ago, when we were a part of what is now Christ Church Loughborough, we saw how important it was to be known by the people in your community. That really only happens when you are actually in your community.

As well as a home, pray for our kids as they get ready to go back into school. They’ve been homeschooled since we arrived in Warsaw, and as a former homeschool student, I know how difficult it is to make the mental shift from school at home to school at school. Many families will be dealing with the same struggle, so if you’ve been partnered with us, know that we are praying for your families as you prepare to have kids back in school.

Pray for the families in Strathaven

One of the things that really excites us about moving to Strathaven is the opportunity that we will have to connect with other young families. The church, when able to meet in person, has loads of programs available for young families including a stay-and-play group specifically for dads. These groups are a great chance to get to know people in the community who wouldn’t otherwise associate with a church. Our hope is to start work to reach ages 10+ and their parents as the church doesn’t currently have an active ministry reaching this group.

With that said, join us in prayer today for the families in Strathaven. Pray that the Lord would working on the hearts of those for whom the crisis has brought questions. Pray that, as we go, we would be bold in proclaiming the gospel. Pray that the soil would be rich and ready to receive the Word and that we would be diligent in proclaiming it. Also, pray for those families in the church who are grieving right now. SEC has suffered several bereavements in recent weeks.

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Pray for AT3

We have been partnered with AT3 for over two years now. From the beginning, it has been an organisation close to my heart. Why? Because the need in the UK is very close to my heart. Tracy is British. Our kids are British. The desire to see the UK proclaim the glories of our Saviour is personal because it’s about family, for me. I was blessed to have been brought up in a Christian home. The vast majority of people in the UK are no longer able to say that.

America is headed that way as I write this.

While our family’s goal is to devote our lives to serving in the UK, we know that most of the apprentices that go there won’t be doing that. And that is good. America is going to need gospel workers who know how to interact with people who have no religious background at all.

Today, join with us in prayer for our sending organisation, AT3. Pray for the staff team who are working to navigate international ministry in a time when travel is restricted. Pray for the apprentices who are raising the support necessary to move to a different country to be trained for ministry at home in the States. Pray that, as partnerships are formed between British and American churches, the global church would be stronger and better resourced to speak into the secular world with the truth of the gospel.

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Pray for Cornhill Scotland

When we first began our time with AT3, my training was all centred around biblical counselling. I was able to complete the foundation year while we were still in Liverpool and the things I’ve learned have served to be a really big help in ministry and life.

During our first two years in Scotland, I will be focusing my training more on biblical exposition and teaching with Cornhill Scotland. They work to provide theological training for people who are serving with local churches so that what they learn can be applied directly to work they are already doing.

Today, join us in prayer for the work that Cornhill Scotland are doing to train up new leaders for Scotland. Pray for the students that have had to complete their spring term remotely. Pray for the teachers to be energised and ready for the new term that begins in September.

Pray for our motivation

Therefore do not be ashamed of the testimony about our Lord, nor of me his prisoner, but share in suffering for the gospel by the power of God, who saved us and called us to a holy calling, not because of our works but because of his own purpose and grace, which he gave us in Christ Jesus before the ages began, and which now has been manifested through the appearing of our Saviour Christ Jesus, who abolished death and brought life and immortality to light through the gospel, for which I was appointed a preacher and apostle and teacher, which is why I suffer as I do. But I am not ashamed, for I know whom I have believed, and I am convinced that he is able to guard until that day what has been entrusted to me. (ESV)

2 Timothy 1:8–12

When life gets busy, it is easy to lose sight of why we are doing anything. Sending out emails and messages becomes a rhythm. Preparing a daily prayer point becomes a habit. Packing boxes and raising kids becomes a routine.

With the weekend on its way, there’s an opportunity to remember why all of these preparations are happening. We are moving because we’re preparing to be on mission. We’re praying constantly over an upcoming visa application because that is the ticket to us being able to do the mission we’ve been called to.

And that mission is the gospel.

It is to preach what the world sees as foolish. It is to proclaim that Jesus is fully God and fully man, that he lived a sinless life on our behalf, that he died a sinner’s death on our behalf, that he has conquered death through his resurrection and that he will come back again for his people.

At the end of the day, this is all that we have to offer people. We can work on charity projects that relieve the symptoms of poverty, we can fight against systems that marginalise people. But unless we are presenting them with the gospel, we have accomplished nothing.

So, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God. (ESV)

1 Corinthians 10:31

Today, join with us as we pray for the main thing to stay the main thing. Pray that our motivation for everything that we do would be God’s glory and the opportunity to preach the gospel.

Fun Fact Friday – Balloons

One thing that we were surprised to learn about Strathaven is that it actually home to the only hot air balloon festival in Scotland! While we’re sad that the 2020 festival has been cancelled, we look forward to being able to see this community event happen next year.

Pray for wisdom

1 Kings 3:9 Give your servant therefore an understanding mind to govern your people, that I may discern between good and evil, for who is able to govern this your great people?” (ESV)

There is no escaping the fact that the work that God calls his people to is difficult. Whether it is vocational ministry or being a gospel witness in culture, we are not smart enough to make the right decisions in everything. Especially during the current historical moment, there is a lot of information that needs to be parsed and acted on. We see this a lot with churches right now; they are trying to decide when it will be wise to meet again, how to be a loving witness in their communities and how to worship in a way that won’t put peoples’ health at risk.

Today, we turn our attentions away from Send The Alcantaras specifically and instead to the churches that we have become involved in.

Pray for the church here in Poland as the leaders work to decide whether to continue online or begin meeting in person, outside.

Pray for our church family, Trinity Church Everton, in Liverpool as they continue to work on being a church for Everton. Pray that they would receive clarity regarding the government’s regulations over large gatherings.

Pray for Strathaven Evangelical as they have suffered multiple bereavements in recent weeks. Pray that the Holy Spirit would comfort the church and help them not to lose hope.

Pray for our partner churches in the Chicago-area and in Arizona. As some begin meeting again, pray that they would do things in a way that is loving to their neighbours and helpful to the community.

Pray for provision

Welcome to Day Three of our weekday prayer guide. So far we’ve prayed for the logistics that come with a transition like this as well as for our families on both sides of the Atlantic. Today, we are praying for provision.

One of the most encouraging things that we’ve experienced as a family is seeing the way that God provides for his mission. When this whole journey first began, back in 2017, we were looking at a number we needed to raise that seemed impossible. And on our own, it was impossible. Even toward the end, we weren’t exactly sure where it was all going to come from until it finally did.

Two years into this journey and we have a much better idea of how God provides and we are also seeing how this next journey is setting the stage for us to be in ministry long term in the UK.

One aspect of that is that Tracy will be going back to work this time. While this does mean that we have less support to raise, the primary reason for it is to allow us to remain in the UK to serve the church long term. Because of the way UK immigration works, the sponsoring citizen has to have an income that meets the financial requirement. We’ve been well ahead of that without Tracy working, but we’ve not been able to count it because it hasn’t been earned in the UK. Pray that Tracy would find a job that both meets the requirement and that she enjoys.

Also, pray that we would be diligent in doing the work of raising the remaining support that will be needed. We’ve been greatly encouraged to see people who are committed to us wherever God has called us (be it the UK or Poland where we are at right now). It has not gone unnoticed as I pray for our ministry partners each day.

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Pray for our families

Yesterday we prayed over the basic logistics of our move. Today we are lifting up our families in prayer.

Our original plan for this summer was that we would travel back to the States for a few weeks before returning to the UK. As it stands right now, that plan is simply not possible to act on. Travel is still closed between the US and the EU. This is a pretty big blow in light of everything that happened with my dad this year.

Pray that we would hold on to the hope that we will see everyone again and that it will be the right time.

Also, pray for our family in the UK. As they prepare to host us for a couple of weeks upon our return, pray for plans. Pray that God would protect them and keep them healthy as they will be our first contact after air travel.

Thank you again for praying with us. If you’d like to find out how to get updates throughout the year as well as how to partner with us, you can go to our website, It would be great to have you along on this journey with us as we work for God to be glorified in the UK.