Strathaven (pronounced Stray-ven) is a historic market town south of Glasgow in Scotland. While it is a commuter town for Glasgow, it still has a strong community identity. Despite its proximity to the city, it is a truly rural town that is surrounded by farms and the remnants of its past in the weaving industry.

Church History

Strathaven is located in the heart of Covenanter country. The Covenanters were Scottish Christians who refused to recognise the Stuart kings as head of the Church. They held to the conviction that only Jesus is worthy to be head of the Church and as a result, many pastors were thrown out of their churches. To this day there are still many monuments hidden in the forests and fields surrounding the area.

Strathaven Today

Today, Strathaven is home to around 7000 people. It is a relatively well-off town but it does have some impoverished communities within. Nearly a third of the population is made up of children which means there are a lot of families that need to be reached. While Strathaven Evangelical Church is doing a great job of reaching primary school-aged children, they hope to do more to reach families and children in secondary school (11+).

They are working to serve the community well through running the town’s food pantry and beginning work to help people struggling with alcohol addiction, which is a growing problem in the town.

Strathaven Evangelical Church is one of five churches within the town limits and average around 100 people on a Sunday. If all of the churches in the area reached the same number of people, there would still be a need for another 65 churches of the same size just to reach everyone in the town.

As you can see, despite the town’s smaller size, there is still a great gospel need there. Our hope is to join them in August to work on reaching young families and sharing the good news of the gospel