What is the mission?

The United Kingdom has a deeply rich, Christian heritage. It’s the birthplace of Charles Spurgeon, Isaac Watts, John & Charles Wesley, John Bunyan, George Whitfield, the Westminster Standards, the London Baptist Confession and so much more. But if you were to look at the UK now, you would see a country that has all but erased that past. In fact, by the year 2020, only 5% of the population will be a member of a church of any kind*. Only a third of those members will belong to an Evangelical church.

Similarly, studies show the United States is increasingly becoming more secular. There is much need for the faithful preaching of God’s word and the establishing of churches both in the United Kingdom and United States.

With that in mind, there are three main areas of focus that we will have for our ministry in the UK.

*According to a survey by Brierley Consultancy

Serving the Local Church

A big part of our mission and calling is to serve the local church. We can see throughout Scripture that God’s plan for the gospel going forth is the local church. Through our partnership with AT3, Dan will be serving full time at Trinity Church Everton, assisting with leadership and training for ministry in a post-Christian society with an aim toward potential church planting at the end of the apprenticeship. Tracy also has a heart for the church, desiring to serve mothers and work with the church’s young people.

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Strengthening Church Ties Across the Atlantic

We will be working to strengthen ties between churches in the US and the UK so that we can be more effective for the Kingdom of God. The Church is not simply the local gathering, it is present across the globe. By working together, across land and oceans, we will be able to spread the good news of the gospel even more effectively into the furthest reaches of the earth to peoples that aren’t even aware that Jesus’ first coming has happened.

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Gaining Theological Training

There is much to learn from ministry training in the field, but we cannot preach what we do not understand. While I work in and for the local church, I will also be studying a certificate course in biblical counseling with BCUK.

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This task is impossible for man, but we know that all things are possible with God. Though He calls us to do the impossible, He gives us His Spirit and empowers us to accomplish just that, the impossible.

He does not call us to do this work alone, however. We need your prayers and support in order to carry out this work. Would you prayerfully consider partnering with us so that we can accomplish the work that God has called us to do.

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